Number 9

Pre- vocational series English language Number 9 Pre-professional Series, Book 9 Title of the Publication Number 9 Description : To be recognised as a citizen of the world seems ambitious. And yet everyone can find their place in society and in sport by walking in the...
The Value of Money 

The Value of Money 

teen series subject: mathematics English language The Value of Money Series 2,Book 2 Title of the publication : The Value of Money Description: Casse-cou proclaims that money should be taken at face value: it doesn’t buy happiness, but it contributes to it. As...

Knock, Knock, Knock, What’s that “Baragouine”? 

children’s series subject: communication English language Knock, Knock, Knock, What’s that “Baragouine”? Series 1, Book 13 Title of the Publication : Knock, Knock, Knock, What’s that “Baragouine”? Description:  Sir Nom Commun, the ultimate leader of his community,...

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