teen series


subject: mathematics


English language


The Value of Money

Series 2,Book 2

Title of the publication : The Value of Money


Casse-cou proclaims that money should be taken at face value: it doesn’t buy happiness, but it contributes to it.

As Gargouille the Scoundrel says, what is free is not always chic, nor very pleasant.

With examples that can be quite disgusting, like dust, or even pigeon droppings, who would be interested in free things?

Come discover these revelations by estimating the right price of objects or things thanks to the Juke-box of prices, the latest crazy thing designed by our two ingenious inventors in the Classe-croûte orchard.


Gargouille the scoundrel loves money. His eyes light up when he looks at the Dollar pickle because it has value.

But the Euro has a wretched (bad) character. He has the annoying habit of always comparing himself to others.

His greatest fear is to suffer a fall in popularity with others.

If he is by himself, he knows he can be ignored and no longer admired by others.

This would mean he could only enjoy his own admiration in the mirror.