Pre- vocational series


English language


Number 9

Pre-professional Series, Book 9

Title of the Publication

Number 9

Description :

To be recognised as a citizen of the world seems ambitious.

And yet everyone can find their place in society and in sport by walking in the footprints left by our predecessors like the pioneer of French football Nicole Abar.

Her inspiring journey moves us with her courage and heartfelt ambition in favour of education for all.

Under the spell of this extraordinary hedgehog, Madame Rabat-Joie creates this work of indoor and outdoor games to play with learning.

Extract : 

Look at that, it’s raining again! “We’ve missed out on the outing, and now we have to stay between 4 walls. It’s not fair”, grumbles Number 9.

She had planned to play with her friend Madame Rabat-Joie.

Number 9 Hedgehog will not be discouraged for all that and decides to innovate to create a pleasant surprise.

She will coach twenty-two (22) foosballers (table-football players) for the event. She offers to meet many pickles to make her choice by videoconference casting.