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subject: mathematics


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Couverture The Classe-croûte Agenda

The Classe-croûte agenda

Series 2, Book 3

Title of the Publication : The Classe-croûte Agenda


The Agenda of the Century ! The Classe-Croûte agenda is almost perpetual, you only need to change in the year 3000! The calendars (weekly and monthly) are changes to learn the date in all the ways it can be expressed. Moreover, the very structure of the agenda means that it is complete thanks to its associated educational tools which repeat each month. They invite the student to « play to learn ». They can also used along with each other as is wished. Everything is possible! The student can learn at their own pace and remember the tips for when they will need to master the concept studied.


Life is just as surprising as a jar of pickles. Learning about a few of them is not like opening Pandora’s Box (a place where terrible, dangerous and evil creatures might live). Happy New Year, may it be prosperous !