teen series


subject: mathematics


English language


What Time is it, Madame Sardine?

Series 2, Book 5

Title of the Publication : What Time is it, Madame Sardine?


Creating your daily schedule without knowing the hours is easy with the help of Madame Sardine! She arrives at the right time.
Indeed, to manage one’s schedule is to participate in the time that passes.
The book makes it possible to learn the sequencing of time and to inform about what happens in this time lab with the “bubblehours”.
Ms. Sardine can’t wait (she’s impatient) to share her story!


Madame Sardine is the mechanical movements pickle.
She is a great specialist in the world of watchmaking.

When she starts her day, she is distraught: her 3 hands (“Hermine” for the hours, “Mille-pattes” for the minutes and “Suricate” for the seconds) have all disappeared.

The three hands of the clock are the essential cogs in the mechanics of time.

Their absence is much more serious than a grain of sand in the cogs of the gear; it means that Madame Sardine’s clock stops dead.


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