teen series


subject: communication


English language


What do Adam and Eve need to know?

Series 2, Book 29

Title of the Publication : What do Adam and Eve need to know?


To grow up is to learn about one’s own body which transforms throughout one’s life (as we grow older).

This is done at the same time as we learn to tame the inner dragon (our thinking becomes mature) naturally, but also while meeting others.

Adam and Eve express themselves frankly and bluntly about what is troubling them (worries, concerns and many other things).


Adam is embarrassed… Yikes! It seems he is in a great deal of trouble!

He is terribly worried and embarrassed.. He isn’t sure if he should talk about it to the Doctor…

Alright, I’m going to share the secret with Eve because she’s my friend and I don’t think she’ll laugh at me.