teen series


subject: communication


English language


The trainer, the instruction guide

Series 2, Book 11

Title of the Publication :The Trainer, the Instruction Guide


The book includes all the verbal operants which makes it a uniquely educational and therapeutic aid: speech pathologists, psychologists and occupational therapists will all find it facilitates their sessions.


The grammar trainer pickle uses verbal operators (instructions) to tame questions. He accompanies you in the discovery of grammarian colonies by using them to say what you think (express yourself)…

The instructions need precise answers and particularly your answers. Ramier, the Pickle Pigeon signs words in LSF (French Sign Language) to help you find the meaning, because LSF is a living and dynamic language. Just like oral or written language, speaking with your fingers is also communicating, to help you freely express yourself.

The speech regulator helps you express your ideas, because he has more than one trick up his sleeve (he has lots of cool ideas).