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subject: mathematics


English language


The Scouts are at War!

Series 2, Book 4

of the Publication

The Scouts are at War!


Classe-croûte scouts will compete (based on weight, height, doubles, duration and a surprise competition) to see who is the best.

Throughout this tournament, the referees Casse-cou and Ritournelle will check that there is no cheating.

Come help them…

A great atmosphere is guaranteed!


Inspector Poulette, the crocodile pickle, remembers his shadow perfectly when he was a child, mainly when he walked alone in the swamps, in the evening, with the sun at his back (behind him), on the search for adventure.

Now that Inspector Poulette is big, he is aging.

His shadow is even more impressive because he has put on a bit (gained weight) like many his age. He could be called round.

Like the other scouts, Inspector Poulette’s weight can be read on the weight scale in “grams.”


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