children’s series


subject: mathematics


 English language


Sixty Minutes Flat

Series 1, Book 15

Title of the Publication : Sixty Minutes Flat

Description :

Soon… Still 2 minutes! “yes, but when’s that?” “Is it finished yet?” “Nearly”. It is difficult to grasp the concept of time!Sometimes it goes by at full speed while at other times it may seem to last for hours. To learn to measure time, you must practice over and over again. In this book, a set of tools and exercises are available for young and old to measure time or, on the contrary, measure the waiting time that remains.

Extract :

It’s always the same story (identical). They always tell me the same thing, I’m tired of waiting! It’s true, what does that mean? – Not now! – Later! – You have to wait a moment longer. – Wait a little longer, I don’t have time. – Keep calm, it’s happening soon etc… – What is all this for? For how long? What does all this gibberish even mean? I don’t have a watch, but I would like to know. I’m tired of waiting, I’m going. Mum told me to wait a little longer…It won’t be long, she said. – Less than an hour, I promise. – (I think in my head) Is that long or not? There are many minutes that have to pass before it’s an hour (sixty minutes).