children’s series


subject: communication


English language


Pic Couic, A Hero In Spite of Himself

Series 1, Book 24

Title of the Publication

Pic Couic, A Hero In Spite of Himself


A series of sequential images to tell a story in successive images. The learner can choose who will be the character(s) who are born and grow up. In this work, sequencing makes it possible to choose the gender and the number. This story can be played and replayed many times, as the possible combinations are multiple.


On a beautiful sunny day, the barbaric rooster and his hen are enjoying themselves on the orchard farm. The couple live on the principle of « all you need is love ». (They drink, eat and love each other). Then the miracle of the cycle of life takes place. Without these steps which follow one another (in this precise order) no chick can see the light of day (be born). Nature is demanding and needs attention. Each stage must be in its place to accomplish this prodigious event of the coming into the world: Giving life and perpetuating one’s species (animal race). Even the unfortunate fate of Pic Couic contributes to it. By being brought into life by the couple of lovers, he allows them to live their dream (love) and to be parents.