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couverture d'ouvrage Madame-Rabat-Joie-and-Her-Magic-Tools

Madame Rabat-Joie and Her Magic Tools

Series 1, Book 25

Title of the Publication : Madame Rabat-Joie and Her Magic Tools


On the occasion of International Autism Day on April 2, I am publishing this unique book. I would be pleased if you would utilise it for a successful inclusive training session.In this book, the materials produced in a structured educational format provide the same level of information to learners as to educators. This style of education does not require any prerequisites (assessed knowledge) for the learner to begin the lessons.Indeed, it is by the frequency and repetition of work sessions associated with cognitive remediation tools that skills become widespread


Today, as the Teacher, I am going to introduce you to some marvellous magical tools which will light up your learning session. Are you sceptical (doubtful)? – That’s to be expected. Do you think you don’t know very much? – Me too. Are you curious but also find that each session is a lot of effort? – You are completely right, and you should know that you are doing a great job of persevering in order to succeed. This is the reason why, in each session, it is important that you can express yourself, as much for your teacher as for yourself. In this way you will be on the same wavelength (have the same information).