teen series


subject: mathematics


English language


Groko Versus the Enemy Menace

Series 2, Book 1

Title of the Publication :Groko Versus the Enemy Menace


Cherished liberty: 80% of children with disabilities have separated parents. If knowledge makes it possible to understand, why not learn?

This book makes it possible to understand and learn to recognize even and odd figures.


A harmful (bad) wind has polluted the air we breathe each day.

This virus that travels through the air makes us sick because it travels through all of our respiratory tract. Although he is colourless and odourless, this criminal is an outstanding scourge.

Nobody could predict (guess) that he was going to steal lives, spread and attack without warning.

Groko is the resilient leader (the fight to eradicate and make the threat disappear while coming out even stronger than before).