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subject: communication


English language


Geolocation of the Pickle Citizens’ Sanctuary

Series 2, Book 13

Title of the Publication: Geolocation of the Pickle Citizens’ Sanctuary


To live somewhere is not only to discover its environment but also the richness of the ideas of its inhabitants.

The Quelconque family has been selected to meet prestigious experts in their field. Meetings in the form of interviews will be relayed by the filming team of the Class-Croûte.

A whole programme is happening, as the elections are fast approaching, who will win?



It is said that on a moonless night a long, long time ago (in the past), the unthinkable happened. Now we live in the modern-day (present) era, so it probably happened long before you were born.

The future is in front of us; it is what will happen. So, on that momentous night, planet Earth shook.

The plates of the earth’s crust shifted, even making the Atlantic Ocean disappear. In its place, an island sprang up out of the sea. The plates on the surface moved to bring about the birth of a new continent called Geopolitique.

This gigantic new terrestrial space is home to the pickles from the Classe-croûte orchard.