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Dangerous Criminals are on the Loose

Series 2, Book 30

Title of the Publication : Dangerous Criminals are on the Loose


Sometimes we feel a little peckish or even starving hungry!

How do you choose the right foods to create a balanced meal on your plate? The Classe-Croûte pickles give you confidence.


It is a serious time: Conich’bio, passionate about artisanal and natural products, is introducing her field workers who monitor the pickles’ consumption habits.

It is a recurring (permanent) public health issue that must be taken head-on (seriously). How do you know, in all this information overload (on labels) about foods presented as healthy, which products are good for consumers, who believe they are eating a balanced diet on their plate?

It takes a real tour de force (showing a lot of willpower) and common sense to achieve this.


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