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subject: communication


English language


Citizens’ uprising in Géopolitique

Series 2, Book 12

Title of the Publication : Citizens’ uprising in Géopolitique


Can love romance seal the fate of very strange pickles?

This book is an invitation to discover the richness of vocabulary related to history, but also to religions.

What a vast program!

As incredible as a bottomless well. Enough to satisfy the thirst for culture of the most curious minds.

Extract :

Centriste (the elected representative of the centre) is secretly madly in love with Sacerdos (a pickle that devotes herself to others).

But he is in a cold sweat (terrified) because she persists in wanting a place for everyone.

He cannot reason with her to get her to agree to give up helping others.

Some rumours say that in the event of disagreement between them, the occupied zone of the Classe-croûte orchard’s social space could be set on fire, and blood would be spilt.

It would be the start of chaos (anarchy) and fights (altercations)!

What a horrible idea!

As fear mingles with the threat of expulsion, all these concerns encourage the chimaeras and centaurs of the social space to revolt.